Why a video

A video gives you a unique image. It creates emotional connection with your product or draws attention to its humorous style. With a help of an image video or an informational promo you can provide an insight into your company and increase your clients´ trust.

How a video is created

Street Cinema is an enthusiastic and a competent team of professionals, with all state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal and with a long list of satisfied clients.

Our creative team will help you work out the right concept to visualize your campaign, and will accompany you all the way through to the post-production. We also offer special effects specialists and 3D animations.

Please take a look at our accomplishments at the Demo Reel, and see for yourself!

We will accompany you on the fascinating road from the original idea to the finished product!

Street Cinema works with small- and large-scale enterprises, as well as with private individuals:

  • Music videos

    Each musical genre has its own target audience. Our creative staff will help you to create the best appealing concept for your target group. Whether for your website or for MTV and Viva channels - street cinema has the right equipment for every budget. On our reference page you will find professional artists whose videos are played on MTV and Viva.

  • Commercials

    Launching a product on the market is always a delicate matter. The customer´s reaction is often very hard to estimate. A perfect solution to this problem will be an informative and entertaining video, which connects positive experiences and impressions with the product and lingers for a long time in the minds of clients. Not for nothing it is said a picture is worth a thousand words. And this picture created with your partner Street cinema will be the best way to convince the customer.

  • Image Films

    Image Films are an important part of corporate communications. You wish that your company were always associated with positive experiences and beautiful memories? Then you are right with us! We design Image Films for any purpose: to be broadcast on TV or to be played on your Home Page. An Image Film is an informative and entertaining means of communication and Street Cinema is your professional partner for planning and implementation of your ideas.

  • Event reports

    An enchanting event in a beautiful summer night or an Open Air Festival in the broad daylight have one thing in common: they are too good to remain just memories in the minds of visitors. An event film, however, has more tasks than to be just a record of the evening for the visitors. If a series of parties is planned, new visitors can be attracted, because their fears of not knowing what to expect will be smoothed away via a video cut. Relaxed visitors who enjoy the party on your video are the best advertisement. Street Cinema has been operating in Cologne's nightlife for a long time in the creation of party trailers and animations for prestigious establishments.

  • Electronic news-gathering


  • Dokumentationen

    You want to eternalize a unique current event or an unforgettable story? A documentation that presents intensive conflict or gives genuine and deep insights in the life of a person? Street cinema has at its disposal not only cameramen, lighting technicians and cutters, but also experienced editors, who analyze the storyline and make your extraordinary story into a film.

Always state-of-the-art technology.

We have everything to fulfill your ideas in the best possible way::

  • competent staff
  • modern equipment
  • extensive experience in the industry
  • a long list of satisfied customers

Our creative professionals are always ready to bring into being the concept of your video.

Our post-production will accompany you and your project after the production: in addition to the classic film editing the attention is paid to color correction (color grading). Also we can give a high polish to your project by means of additional improvements, such as 3D animation or other complex effects. In our demo reel you can get an overview of our video productions.